Hi, I’m Kristen. I write essays, articles, and reviews for print and online publications.  I’m currently working on a non-fiction book about writers who were also mothers. (Please click here to check out my online writing portfolio.)

Here at Motherese, I blog about motherhood, writing, and contemporary culture. Though I am proud to wear the mantle of “mommy blogger,” this blog isn’t a litany of anecdotes about my three kids, as cute as they are. Instead, my goal is to create and nurture an online community to explore issues relevant to the experiences of parents in the 21st century.

I started this blog in the fall of 2009, not long after my second son was born. While I appreciated the chance to be at home with my kids, I missed the camaraderie of my days working outside the home and found myself searching for others who spoke my dialect. That search brought me online, to a world of writing by and about parents. I’m interested here in responding to that world and creating a dialogue both with it and with other people fascinated by the problems and promise of being a parent.

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